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Post  Roseblade on Wed Aug 11, 2010 2:29 am

I know I kinda up and left things have been....crazy for lack of a better term. but out of the midst I wrote something, extremely short and kinda crappy but its something none the less.

Summer Night Frolics

The cloud of sweet poison floated above my head into the warm night as I stood on the balcony cigarette held between my lips. I looked over the calm waters of English Bay the noise of the traffic on Davies below floating lazily up to my ears. I turned as I felt an arm slide around my waist and under the silky fabric of my robe. Lips pressed themselves against the tender skin of my neck and collarbone moving down towards my breasts. I put two fingers under the chin of the inebriated man I had just met a few hours previous and lifted it so that we were face to face. My mind wandered over memories of previous hours for a clue to what his name was but with the mixture of alcohol and illegal substances the word had escaped me on a cloud of smoke. I removed the cigarette from my lips and looked into his large brown eyes, the thing that drew me in from across the bar.
“What’s your name again?” I asked small gasp escaping as his hands found a sweet spot.
“Damien.” he replied hands grasping my round buttocks. “And yours?”
A small moan left me as his lips returned to my chest. “Zoe. Let’s go inside.”
Giving him a soft push towards the door, he swept me off my feet and into his embrace, our lips meeting once more. A whirlwind of ecstasy surrounded us as his hands expertly navigated my body, gliding flawlessly over my breasts. In a flurry of passion my body pressed against his we fell together into a sea of linens. The warm summer air enveloped us, the dim moonlight skipped across our bodies in their own beautiful intricate dance as we performed our own. A symphony of grand proportions only known to us played a joyous tune as our bodies connected, a truly fantastic feeling spreading through every inch of me. Our hands glazing over each others bodies, some moments sweet and soft, others fueled by fierce desire. The moonlight’s dance ended and ours came to a cease with the concerto. Unwinding ourselves, I gazed into his eyes a deep, endless, mahogany, a smile on his soft, supple lips. Sweet, deadly poison floated above us once more as he lit a cigarette and placed it between my lips, names and all regrets disappearing on a cloud of smoke. Sharing the slow death, we watched as the sun woke lazily from its slumber and climbed over the horizon after a summer’s night frolic.

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