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Post  Terrorwolf on Fri Jan 21, 2011 8:47 am

Orbiting the planet North-Star the mining/ planet terraforming space station, Antero Vipunen, is undergoing usual routine.

Terraforming is almost complete and the colonists aboard the station looking for the day to finally land upon their new home.

The miners are working busy at gathering the minerals off of the surrounding asteroids that form a massive ring around North-Star.

The scientists aboard The Antero Vipunen have discovered an alien mineral and have began analyses. Research on this topic has been quite fruitful. The mineral seems to be able to replicate itself and even give a certain resilliancy to anything that is fused with it. Studies and experiments are still underway, as subject "Tuonela" continues to hold more secrets.


Lately there have been reports of some of the miners and security personal suffering from constant night terrors, hallucinations, and demensia. In a few rare cases there have been self inflicted lacerations and bruises. On a rarer note just 2 days ago a miner working on one of the asteroids removed his helmet exposing himself to the vacuum of space causing his face to implode. Investigation of the incident have proved to be difficult as the witness is suffering a case of severe "madness".

Subjects suffering severe cases have been contained so as to not upset the families and the other workers.


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