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R.A.I.L. (Not Done yet) Empty R.A.I.L. (Not Done yet)

Post  Ionized Awesomeness on Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:03 pm

The year is 2530 and mankind numbers in the handful of thousands.
War on a scale unimaginable had devastated the earth and it's people since the end of the 21st century before peace of a sort was declared at the start of the 25th century. During that time, Nations, unable to supply the funds needed to keep thier respective war efforts running, sunk into debt so far that the very corporations who supplied them with thier weapons offered to buy. Thus power did not come from world governments, but multi million dollar Industries who supplied the people with all thier daily consumer needs.

War is a very profitable business venture.
That is, until you run out of people to fight your wars.

Tired of the bloodshed, the few pockets of human civilization laid down thier arms and cried out for an end. Realizing that they were about to blast themselves into extinction, the Corporations banded together to create the Pax Economica.
A Ruling body of government presided by the presidents of the five most powerful and wealthiest companies.

Bharat Heavy Industries
The Rayleonard Foundation
HCLI Corporation
Remedium Technologies
Honkarakenne Incorporated

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