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Miles' written works. Empty Miles' written works.

Post  Cyberwulf on Sat Apr 17, 2010 7:53 pm


"Come in, please take a seat."

The old man gestured to me. I've been in this
business for five years, finding people like
him. This man scared the shit out of me.

"I know why you're here. I've been doing this
since long before the founders of your company
were suckling at the teat."

The old man was brutal and to the point.

"Also, don't touch the silverware. Bad things
happen to people who do."

I looked down at a fork and knife sitting on
the table in front of me.

"What- That happens? to people who touch your
silverware, sir."

I ask this nervously, sweat running down my
forehead. The old man's eyes glimmered.

"I was hoping you would ask that."

His thick accent was difficult to catch,
but he spoke perfect english. Why couldn't I
place the accent? The old man reached into a
small box at his vanity mirror. Who keeps a
vanity mirror in the dining room anyway?

"This, my boy, is what happens to people who
touch the silverware."

He pulled a small white object out of the box.
Without even getting close I knew what it is.

"That's- That's a- a fingerbone?"

The old man laughed.

"Yes! It belongs to the last man who touched
the silverware."

He licked the bone and shivered. I thought I'd
be sick.

"The last man who touched my silverware, was a
bright young man, from a similar corporation
as you."

The old man began, staring deep into my eyes.

"I cut his fingers and thumb off right then
and there, and I threw him in the street."

He sat down and reclined his chair slightly.
Old rusted springs squeaking gratingly.

"He was screaming at me, but the stumps had
already healed over. I do good work. To
everyone else, he looked like a madman."

He pulled out a cigar and a lighter.

"Mind if I smoke? People tend to get offended
by that these days."

"N- no sir, go ahead."

The old man lit his cigar and puffed,
reclining farther. The springs in the chair
stretched loudly.

"Good, good. Anyways, I then had the bones,
save this one of course, buried, or otherwise
hidden all over the city."

He took another puff, chuckling.

"They scream to him in a whisper, always at
the edge of his mind, always just beyond the
range of hearing."

Leaning forward suddenly, he smiled, his
rotted old teeth sickening me farther.

"He wanders the streets, crying out for an
answer. Screaming. 'where are my bones? Give
me my bones!' People assume him a lunatic."

He puffed again.

"Even his family and friends, his coworkers,
do not recognize him. He seeks his bones."

Standing, the man circled the table.

"When he has found them all, he will come to
me for the final bone. He will come, and beg
my forgiveness, or attempt to kill me."

He drew closer to me.

"And then, I will give it to him."

He leaned in close to my face. The smell of
cheap brandy and cigars strong on his breath.

"And then he will die."

The old man walked back to his chair opposite
me, and sat down.

"Tell your superiors that I accept their
terms. Tell them I send my blessing."

He spun the chair to face away from me.

"You may go."

I thank him, sweating bullets, and stand from
my chair, walking toward the door."

"Also, don't touch the doorknobs."

I freeze, hand inches from the knob.

"They may bite."

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Miles' written works. Empty Re: Miles' written works.

Post  Roseblade on Sun Apr 18, 2010 10:28 am

your totally insane you know that? Razz i like it, very well written.

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Miles' written works. Empty Re: Miles' written works.

Post  Cyberwulf on Sun May 09, 2010 9:07 pm


They chose me for this one because I was the
youngest. This was part of my briefing before
I left. 'Investigate a young girl. Her parents
have expressed concern.'


A concerned looking woman opened the door
before I could even knock.

"You must be one of the men my husband

"Yes, maam. Name's Dean. May I come in?"

I asked this as politely as I could muster. It
still felt like the others were playing a joke
on me, send the rookie in for a shit job.

"Yes, please do."

The woman opened the door fully, allowing me
access, and I stepped inside. I looked around,
at the very neat living room. Didn't look like
anything was wrong.

A small girl peeks around the corner from the

"Hi mistah. I'm Sally."

She said this matter of factly, looking me
straight in the eyes. Creepy.

"Would you like to join my tea party?"

She asked evenly.

"If your mommy will allow me to, I'll need to
talk to her first."

I said this with a smile, though my gut
feeling was saying otherwise.

"Is your husband home maam?"

The woman looks down.

"No, he's working, and you can call me

"Well, what can you tell me of the 'strange

I asked her this, as if reading from cue
cards. Doing things by the book was a bitch.

"Well, it started a week ago, on sally's sixth
birthday. We had just bought her a raggedy ann
doll, and she loved it. Wouldn't go anywhere
without it. Between her teddy bear and that
doll, her hands were almost always full."

The woman sat down on the couch, gesturing to
a nearby chair.

"That's hardly unusual maam- er, Suzanne."

I said sitting.

"But something wasn't right. The doll, it
seemed like it was looking at me. Soon the
bear did too. They would both turn up in the
strangest places. When I found them, each
time, it seemed like they were smiling at me,
but then I'd blink, and the original stitched
expression would be there."

She shivered visibly.

"I constantly feel like I'm being watched. Leo
will try to avoid being home when he can,
because it scares him too."

I considered this for a moment, going over
what knowledge there was about new 'talents'
in my head.

"Suzanne, may I speak with your daughter?"

I asked politely, not realizing the girl was
right beside me.

"I can talk mistah. You wanna join my tea

I jumped at the sudden voice, my skin

"Well, of course, Sally."

I tried to smile, the hairs on the back of my
neck stood on end. I stood up and she grabbed
my by the pant leg, pulling me into the next
room. In the room was a very small table, with
three chairs, two of which were occupied by
stuffed toys. A teddy bear, and a raggedy ann

"We don't have enough chairs, so you'll have
to kneel."

Sally sat down in the vacant chair, grabbed a
tea cup, and poured invisible tea into it,
pushing the tea cup toward my end of the
little table. I knelt at that end of the
table, and took the cup.

"So, Sally. Would you like to tell me about
your friends here?"

The toys seemed to turn to face me as I
mentioned them. Maybe a trick of the light or
something. They didn't actually move.

"Teddy is my bestest friend. He protects me
from the monstahs at night."

I could have sworn that bear smirked at me.

"Annie is new, so she doesn't know how things
are done. Sometimes that makes teddy angry."

The girl looked a little sad while saying

"Teddy tried to hangded Annie one time, and
mommy saw it and screamed. Then daddy yelled
and left. He doesn't talk to me anymore."

Sally bumped her knee accidentally on the
table, and the Raggedy Ann doll seemed to
slouch in it's seat, at the same time, the
teddy bear fell forward slightly, it's right
arm on the table, as if pointing at the doll.

Yeah, this was getting creepy. I mimed
drinking tea, and stood.

"Thank you Sally, I need to go speak with your
mommy again."

Walking back into the living room, feeling
absolutely chilled, I sat back down in the
chair and breathed deeply.

"Suzanne, is Sally attending school at the

The woman's fists clenched, grabbing a fistful
of he skirt and then unclenched.

"No, Leo removed her from preschool once
these... things, started happening."

I reached into my coat pocket for a business

"We have schools for children developing
'talents' such as this. We invite you to take
her to this school-"

I said handing her the card.

"Where she will both recieve the standard
education, as well as allow us to moniter her
'ability', and in time teach her to control

I stood up, stepping toward the hallway, and
the front door.

"Please, think it over, and contact us soon.
I'll let myself out."

I walked into the hallway, noticing the bear
sitting on the floor next to the umbrella
stand. It seemed to smile at me as I
approached. Looking up from the bear, I
noticed a tuft of fabric sticking out of the
umbrella stand. The doll had been stuffed into
the stand.

Not losing any time, I opened the door, and closed
it behind myself, walking at a hurried pace.
Looking back at the house as I opened my car
door, I could have sworn I saw the bear
sitting at the window, just staring at me as I

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Miles' written works. Empty Re: Miles' written works.

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